Look at This – Episode 18 and 19

by Nic Darling on August 27, 2008 · 2 comments

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I just realized that, in the flurry of activity last week, I never gave you anything to look at. Irresponsible and rude of me, I know. So, in abbreviated form, I will give you exciting green links from both last week and this one. Look at all this . . .

Episode 18

  • Lot’s of information about dirt, where its going and how we can get it to stay put.
  • Apparently in the distant past, before the Internet, people sent something called “letters”, they sometimes forgot the name of an obscure movie forever and they looked up businesses in an overweight tome known as The Yellow Pages. Unfortunately, despite the fact that their use for anything other than a doorstop or a booster seat has been long since eliminated, these Yellow Pages continue to be produced and delivered, wasting trees, fuel and cupboard space. Now you can help stop this irrational printing of business information and ads. Sign up to have your home and/or office removed from the unsolicited delivery of phone books.
  • Solar panels without the huge upfront investment? Leave it to the Nutmeg State.
  • I don’t believe a disagreement with liars to be a political statement, so I feel alright about using this apolitical blog space to ask why the hell there doesn’t seem to be an appropriate and effective response to the falsehoods repeated endlessly in the conservative media? Look at some of these oil related yarns that are being spun right now. Unfortunately, with 63% of Americans supporting off-shore drilling, it appears that merely repeating a lie often enough can make it true. Let’s try it . . . I have washboard abs, I have washboard abs, I have washboard abs . . . damn.

Episode 19

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1 SHobbs September 2, 2008 at 9:47 AM

Last year US consumers referenced the print YP over 13.4 billion times. If your readers want to opt-out, they have a better chance if they contact their publisher directly, as most of the directory companies won’t take third party information. But don’t assume no one uses the book and don’t fall for the myth that trees are being destroyed. Most publishers use recycled content and lumber residuals to make their books. For the facts, go to http://www.ypassociation.org. Full disclosure, I work for the industry.

2 Tod Brilliant September 4, 2008 at 6:39 PM

How do I get in touch with you guys? Would love to talk about doing a televised segment.

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